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Welcome to our family business!

I an old farmhouse from 1850, in the heart of the Colline Pisane, the “hills of Pisa”, you´ll find our small family-business Podere Spazzavento, where we produce wine and oil since 2003. (Podere means "farm" and Spazzavento means "sweeping wind").  Our position is great as we don't have direct neighbours but everything we need it just around the corner.  The "motorway" that connects Florence-Pisa-Livorno is 10 minutes away, which is really advantageous.

WE means: the brothers Alessandro and Fabio Piceni Belli, her mother Luisa and Alessandros wife Kerstin (me)with the boys Paolo and Filippo. Our Podere Spazzavento is situated on a slight hill, not far from Ponsacco in direction Casciana Terme, surrounded by 15 hectars of land, hereunder vineyards (9 ha), olives, meadows and fields. Our whole production is organic. 
But it's only 16 years that we are farmers, we had completely different jobs before! But with the precious help of the winemaker Attilio Pagli and the agronomist Alfredo Tocchini we got the adventure started... We learned a lot and year by year got better; the same with our grapes: the quality got better because we planted new vineyards and learned how to care best for the plants.

It's a great satisfaction to see people drink and buy our wines, making us compliments for the high quality and most of all: people are coming back again and again since years because they got used to our good wines and olive-oil. We even get positive reactions from foreign countries (see articles under Gallery/news).

We also like to run the agritourismo because we get to know a lot of interesting and lovely people. I't like a neighborhood for a week or two, very relaxed and friendly, and often it becomes a friendship.


view from the entrance
new vinyard
picking olives in november
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